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In The Opinion of The Lion

Technology is the master of method. It is the way of all advancement, plain and simple, and there is absolutely no way that a roper today can make it to the top and survive using the methods of yesteryear. In my 50 some years of competitive roping, I have been to the wall and back, so to speak, and when I compare what I have seen to what I see now in the way of progression, I’m astounded.

As with all sports, the finesse and athleticism of our youth appears magical. Our young, up-and-coming, athletes are the perpetual energy that keeps the game alive. Their unbridled creativity is an exchange for our original ideas.

Leo Camarillo

Although the wonders of youth’s cunning invincibility can be intimidating, even bewildering, it is not something to estrange, but rather to accept, open your mind to and feed on it. Don’t hide from it. Seek it! Discover it! Capture it! Experiment with it, learn and grow young. Adapting to new and improved methods is far more practical than trying to compete against them with primeval ways.

It frustrates me to see the masses of earlier-generation ropers in the arena today who choose not to understand and go towards the progressive, modern-day method of roping, especially when it is as easy (or EASIER!) as any method previous.

“Time-honored” ropers justify their complacency by claiming they’re too old to change. Resigning to their habitual methods they struggle and strive to keep up with advanced, revolutionized ropers who dominate the competitions. Their chance of survival in the new-aged roping arena is comparable to getting on the Autobahn in a model A.

The young guys who make it to the top today rope a whole new generation. They don’t even think about yesterday’s roping heroes and their obsolete methods. Instead they focus on proficient dynamics with no reservation and the outcome is phenomenal. My greatest pleasure is to share an enthusiastic practice session with the young guns. Their unrestricted gusto and ungoverned motives not only awaken and prompt my reflexes, but also invigorate my desire to improve.

I have always felt an inner drive towards progression, and in the past intently progressed on mere instinct. Today, however, competitive roping styles have been so revolutionized that innovation now prods my intuitive creativity. I investigate newfound ingenuity, mull it over in my mind, then the practice pen, and soon have it working. Roping becomes new and exciting again, just like using a new and improved tool or driving a better car, and the benefits are extraordinary.

When modifying roping methods it is my determined willingness to take a risk and trust the unfamiliar that continuously propels me to greater skill. I feel better, stronger, faster and more insightful in the arena today than I ever have before, and I guarantee you will too.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to enquire the ideas of a roper capable of exhibiting the method you’re trying to understand. Do be sure any instruction makes sense and feels safe. If you are unable to find adequate instruction, call me.

Until next time, rope smart!

The Lion







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